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Dr. Janice Stuart Vancouver Psychologist

Janice Stuart - Vancouver Psychologist

Are you struggling with feeling lost, overwhelmed or stuck?

Hi, I’m Dr. Janice Stuart. Searching for a psychologist in Vancouver can be an intimidating and confusing process. The information on this website will make it easier for you to decide if I am the right therapist for you.

How I approach counselling

I provide counselling and psychotherapy in downtown Vancouver for adults who struggle with anxiety, trauma/PTSD, depression, stress, relationship problems and more. The approaches I use include: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR where appropriate). This holistic and integrative approach incorporates mind-body interactions. It also takes your personal way of processing into consideration.

What my clients are telling me

In my daily practice as a Vancouver psychotherapist, I often hear from clients how hard their journey has been. It can be painful and frustrating. In times of adversity, life can be difficult and distressing. It’s hard to keep tackling the problem on your own.

I often hear this from my therapy clients . . .

It’s frustrating. I know. I’ve been there too.

NOTE: These three stories illustrate how therapy can awaken the deep spirituality that lives within us all. (Client names have been changed to protect their privacy).

If you are struggling, feeling lost or unsatisfied you may find yourself . . .

  • Experiencing a sense of powerlessness
  • Making poor life choices
  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed
  • Struggling with depression, anxiety or a past trauma

If these are the kind of problems you’re facing, I can help.

The benefits of consulting a psychotherapist

With your willingness and commitment, and my skills, expertise and passion for this work we can tackle the painful, the distressing and the stuck. This process is an investment in yourself and your life.

The benefits of making this investment include:

  • Relieving emotional pain
  • Rediscovering inner sources of knowing to help navigate life’s challenges
  • Increasing a sense of resilience
  • Improved relationships with yourself and others
  • Increased confidence, self-worth and hope

A message of hope

In this short video I encourage you to get help as soon as you can. It’s important, especially if you’re struggling on your own.

If you have further questions after reviewing the site, feel free to contact me. I look forward to helping you!