10 Tips for Choosing a Therapist or Counsellor



This checklist will help you when you’re ready to “audition” your candidates. Although most people find that making inquiries by email is easier, you’ll get a better feel for the person when you talk over the phone.

Remember, it’s critical for the success of your therapy that you feel completely safe and comfortable with the therapist you ultimately choose.

The process of choosing a therapist can be intimidating and confusing, because the range of therapists and counsellors with varying credentials is very wide. But it’s critically important to choose someone who is a good fit for you.

So here are the top 10 points you should consider when you’re on the phone searching for the right therapist:

1. The therapist is willing to speak with you for 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, the therapist will call back at a convenient time.

2. She is warm and accepting, and seems comfortable and at ease with herself.

3. He accepts you and empathizes with your situation, but sounds like he will also challenge you if necessary.

4. Extra points  if  she’s  committed  to  ongoing  personal  self-improvement, through therapy or other modalities.

5. He is familiar with a variety of therapies, so there are lots of tools in the toolbox to apply to your issues.

6. She has clear office policies that she reviews with you in the initial sessions.

7. His credentials and experience are impressive, and relevant to your particular issues.

8. You feel that she hears and understands the problem from your

9. He’s had plenty of experience with clients who have similar concerns to your own.

10. If you feel uneasy after talking to her, of if something tells you it isn’t the right fit, then move on. Always trust your gut!



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