Goal Setting


As a friend and colleague always says:

“Without goals you become what you were.
With them you become what you want.”

If you don’t have goals, life just keeps going along, monotonously. So if you want something different in your life you have to do something different.

But I’ll grant you that oftentimes it’s easier said than done.

  • Do you ever set goals and not meet them?
  • Do things just keep getting in the way?
  • Are your afraid of failure?
  • Are you afraid of success?

There are processes going on in your brain and nervous system that might be holding you back.

And it’s not your fault!

It’s just the result of what was set down in our brain and nervous system at a very early age.

Luckily we now know the brain has “plasticity”. It can change itself as a result of your experiences.

We can now intentionally make those changes through focused awareness of new experiences.

Psychotherapy takes advantage of the brain’s ability to change.

I’d be happy to show you how.



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