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I’ve been counselling in Vancouver for many years so rarely does a topic come up in that I haven’t run across before.

That said, here are some of the more common reasons folks show up in my practice.

We’re all wired for anxiety in our nervous system. In times of life threat it can be the reason we take action such as ‘fight or flight’.

The problem is that our present lifestyle doesn’t mesh well with our primitive “old wiring”. Anxiety is getting provoked even when we’re not facing a life threat.

The good news is that you can be anxiety-free.

When you’re depressed, it’s hard to imagine being any different. There is a way to overcome depression – with the right treatment you can move beyond where you are today.
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Sometimes our loss is too big for us to speak about. That makes it hard to get the support from family and friends that we normally rely on.

In a safe relationship with a psychologist you can gently move through some of the tough emotions that are being bottled up.

In other words, I see my job as “holding” the space for you feel your way through, one baby step at a time.

Do you struggle within yourself? Going back and forth in your mind? You may have low self-esteem.

Self-esteem issues not only create conflicts within yourself they often exacerbate relationship issues with others.

  • Relationship Conflicts and Issues
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Personal Growth

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